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3x3 Passive Mult Kit

$25.00 / Sold Out

The WORNG 3x3 Passive Mult does what it says on the box. A 3x3 mult for anything that doesn't need the accuracy of a buffered mult. The fourth and seventh jacks are normalled to the mult above, so by leaving them unpatched you can have a 1x7 mult or a 1x3 and 1x5, as your mult needs change.

This kit contains 1x black & gold 3hp panel, 1x PCB and 9x 3.5mm jack sockets. Case screws are not supplied due to the many variations used by case manufacturers (M3, 4/40, M2.5 etc).

Why 3hp? Yes you can squeeze a mult into 2hp but using it or any module placed next to it can feel cramped, 3hp gives you a little bit of extra room if you don't have tiny hands. Worried about having an odd hp gap in your case? They're so cheap you can buy two!

All you need to build the 3x3 Passive Mult is this kit, a soldering iron and some solder. It's that easy.